Monday, January 5, 2009


Lil Rob: The Album

Lil Rob a Chicano rapper from San Diego, California. Known for his Radio tracks "Summer Nights" and "freak in you".

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C-Bo: Best Appearances

C-bo is a Rapper from South Sacrameneto that put that city on the map. He has like over 12 albums and still going. he has featured on Artist albums like Master P, Marvaless, Celly Cell, 2 Pac, Pizzo, E-40, and Lunisicc aka Luni Coleone.

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Quantum-Bom : Unscanable L.P.

Quantum-Bom is a South Sacramento Chicano Rapper that has featured on Several underground albums in the 916 area.
Album has a smooth feel for it mostly directed towords the ladies. Some Slow some fast some dance some gangsta i guess this si why they called this "unscanable" but it has a few upbeat joints. It featured Mellow Man Ace, Mac & AK, Trucho-G, Yuyo MC, TL,.
produced by DOM S aka Sean Montana and Quantum-Bom .
This album was released in the end of 2005.

1) Bomstraducktion
2) West Westin
3) Effected (Radio Single)
4) Trust Me Girl
5) Dyin For my Love
6) Gypsy Women
7) Twichen
8) Iz Wut It Iz
9) Take Yo Shirts Off
10) Closer
11) On The Run (Radio Single)
12) Go Getter
13) Tread On The Pavement (raggaeton)
14) Xtra Pair Of Keys (Feat Mac & Ak)
15) Broken Law (feat Mellow Man Ace,Yuyo Mc)
16) Thats How U Made Me ( feat Trucho-G)
17) Comin
18) Make The Drop
19) 9/5 Life

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Quantum-Bom: Unscanable (Chopped & Screwed) MegaMix

this is a montage of songs that where remixed slowed down sort of like chopped n screwed.

Some of the songs sound better slower than the original speed.


Quantum-Bom & El Chile: "Homies Fo Life"
Homies Fo Life is The HOMIES (tm) theme song for the company website.

produced by El Chile' and Vocals by Quantum-Bom

It's pretty popular on the web.

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PASSWORD: nothingnathanopassword

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